My name is Daniel McNeil, doing business as emotiongraphics. I am a designer and developer residing in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My career is creating compelling experiences through state of the art animation and user interfaces for Fortune 500 brands and beyond.


Through large and small agencies, I've worked on a great many brands. My prime focus has been on Rich Media, but have diversified my skills by working on sites and apps. Some select brands: Google, HBO, AOL, Volvo, MTVN, Mars, P&G Brands, Snapple, Revlon, Maybeline, Atari, Merck, Novartis, Tom Petty, Marriott, Gucci, FedEx, AT&T, Mazda, Microsoft, GE, etc.


My core strength is in combining a refined sense of tasteful aesthetics with core engineering and problem solving abilities to create exceptional user experiences. I excel in Agile environments and am a team leader committed to excellence.

Languages/Libraries/Platforms: HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3; JQuery,Skrollr,GS Tweening libraries; PHP, MySQL, and an in depth knowledge of the WP platform; Flash OOP AS3 & animation, Flash integration with video and asyncronous server interaction; experience with Cordova/PhoneGap in both XCode and Eclipse in addition to Build.PhoneGap. Token knowledge of C, Objective C.

Software: Git; MAMP; Photoshop CC - Knowledge of all optimization strategies, skill with pen tool, color correction, knocking out images, designing web-ready comps; Flash timeline animation as well as AS3 OOP app dev; Illustrator; After Effects; Edge; Audition; Logic Pro; Processing; Pure Data; MAX/MSP.


Emmy Nomination for “Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Media Technology for the Non-Synchronous Enhancement of Original Television Content”(2006), COMARTS Design Interact Site of the Week, and Macromedia Shocked Site of the Day (Feb 1998).